The Embroidery, as synonymous with: craftsmanship, research, luxury and elegance, and great manual ability, is the core value and tradition of "Ricamificio Filottranese".
Since the beginning of the 1900s Mrs Maria Gabrielli, ravished by this art, used to embroidery outfits and wedding dresses for a selected and refined clientele of the time.
The passion for the art of embroidery was handed down from one generation to another by combining the technical expertise to creative research: so to realize creations that generate emotion, enchantment, magic and dream in both the viewer and the wearer.

The combination of art and fashion is our lifeblood.
Paintings, a frescos, a landscape or even a sculpture, can be the sources of inspiration for us and represent the basis to our creations to be shown to our customers.
Our "framework" can be made of different materials as: silk, tulle, organza, leather, lycra, cashmere enriched then with industrial or craft made embroideries.
The industrial embroidery is realized with multi heads electronic machines that allow to perform also with combined embroideries techniques :chain stich and loop cords made of sequins and braids,macramè and the technique of needling.
The hand embroidery is craftes by highly qualifies staff that provide its know-how to manual processes such as : carving,applications of Swarovsky beads, jets and other materials of high fashion garmets or of pret-à-porter luxury.
These skills have attracted several Italian and International fashion houses ,looking for embroideries 100% made in Italy to came to embellish their creations in our factory in Filottrano.


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